Psychotherapy FAQs


How often do you meet for therapy sessions?

Typically, therapy sessions are held weekly. Sometimes, more frequent sessions are necessary or desired depending on your agreed-upon treatment plan.

How often do you meet for therapy sessions?

The number of sessions can vary depending on the issues you want to address and your treatment plan.

Do you meet for longer than 50-minutes?

Standard sessions are 50 minutes long. However, for certain issues and approaches longer sessions may be more effective and efficient. This can be discussed as your treatment plan is created.

Can we do a combination of in-person and online sessions?

Medicare and other insurance companies have their own requirements for covered "telehealth" services. Medicare requires that the beneficiary is in a rural or other area with limited access to providers. Typically, then, a combination of in-person and online sessions is possible if you are paying out-of-pocket. If you are planning on using your insurance, it is suggested that you contact your insurance company to find out what is covered.

What if I have to cancel at the last minute?

Typically, cancellations within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment will be charged. However, unexpected things happen, including illness. In which case, your fee will be waived.