Spiritual Direction

Individual Spiritual Direction


The journey through life is inherently spiritual and not meant to be traveled alone. At times we need a spiritual companion to help us hear the still, small voice of God, to notice God's action in our day-to-day life, to discern what choices are most life-giving at a particular juncture in our journey. Together, we listen, we look, we lean into the heart movements of the Spirit.

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The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Daily Life


The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Daily Life (also known as the 19th Annotation) is a 10-month retreat made without having to live at a retreat center. The retreatant is provided with daily prayer material and weekly retreat direction to assist them in recognizing and responding to God's invitations as they journey with Christ through his life, death and resurrection. The draw for many to make this intensive retreat is often a desire for greater intimacy with God and to serve God more fully and faithfully in one's life. Transitions and life decisions may also nudge a person toward the Exercises.

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Group Spiritual Direction


The spiritual journey is not meant to be walked alone. While individual spiritual direction can provide focused 1:1 attention on certain matters, especially those that might be particularly sensitive and private, group spiritual direction allows for a unique companioning experience as a small, intimate group sojourns together. The varieties of perspectives, gifts and ways of listening to God often allows the Spirit to move and reveal in ways not always accessed in individual spiritual direction. Our group spiritual direction is facilitated by an experienced spiritual director and limited to 4-5 people per group.

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Spiritual Direction Supervision


Spiritual directors are blessed to be called to journey with others in their walk with God and to bear witness to the graces and unfoldings of God along their path. It is also a tremendous responsibility. Spiritual direction supervision provides a safe, compassionate, contemplative space for directors to reflect on a particular area of growth or to celebrate a joy that arose in a direction session. It is not "supervisory" in the sense that critiques, criticisms and evaluations are not performed. It is an opportunity for the director to be invited by God to face a "growing edge" in their own spiritual journey for the benefit of the "absent other", the directee.

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Various on-site retreats are offered throughout the year. Please check our Retreats page to see upcoming offerings. We also provide retreat facilitation for groups needing a retreat leader. We work with the group leader(s) to best meet the needs of those who will be attending. Past retreats have included Advent and Lenten day retreats and series, Ignatian retreats, Labyrinth walks, practicing the Sacrament of the Present Moment, etc.

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Spiritual Direction FAQs


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